How to order from Monuts

*** If you are having difficulty placing an order because you are seeing an error that says "the store is not currently accepting orders at this time" and it is during normal business hours, try refreshing the page and selecting your item again. ***

*When ordering, please be sure to proceed fully through the checkout process. Your order has not been received until after you submit payment and receive an order confirmation via email or text message.

*Orders are typically ready for pickup in 15-20 minutes on weekdays and in 30-45 minutes on weekends. The pickup time assigned by our system is an estimate of when your order will be ready; you will receive an email or text message when your order is ready for pickup.

*There is a recommended tip amount of 10% added to each order, which goes directly to our front of house staff. About 2/3rd of our front of house staff's wages are derived from tips, so please do leave a larger tip if you'd like to show your appreciation for our front of house staff.

*All orders will be made immediately upon receipt, and we are unable to hold orders for a future pickup time.

*To minimize crowding, please send only one person to pick up your order. We do ask that you wear a mask or other face covering and maintain at least six feet of distance from other customers at all times.

*On Monday-Thursday, when you arrive at Monuts, please stand in the parking lot and text your full name to (833) 228-3127. We'll bring your food out as soon as it is ready.

*The parking lot is closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, so find a spot on Ninth or Knox streets and walk on over. When you get to the parking lot, check-in with the Monuts employee stationed at the blue tent. They will check the status of your order and provide you with further instructions. Please note, texts will not be seen or accepted on weekends. You must check-in with an actual human!

*PLEASE INFORM US OF ANY ALLERGIES OR AVERSIONS WHEN PLACING YOUR ORDER. Not all ingredients are listed in our item descriptions.

*If you wish to leave a special request, please be sure to do so during the check-out process.

*If you have any questions about your order, please call the restaurant at (919) 286-2642. PLEASE, NO EMAILS--it is likely your email will not be seen until the next business day.

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